Georgia State University: Georgia State Uncommon

Uncommon. Unparalleled. Unlimited. Georgia State University, and its student body, are all of these things and more. So when they came to us seeking a new admissions campaign, we knew portraying GSU as the “anti-university” would help them stand out and find their voice in a city crowded with universities. Their new campaign became edgy and confident, just like their students and staff.

Things kicked off with a 28-page viewbook, which I wrote all of the copy for. We also (with a very limited budget and an even more limited selection of assets) created video content that aired in movie theaters throughout Georgia, on regional TV, and on the GSU website.

Agency: Allen & Gerritsen
My Role: Concept Development, Copywriting
Art Director: Lindsey Tweed
Creative Direction: Chris Reif & Brendan McGann