Allbirds: Introducing SweetFoam

Did you know that the footwear industry is one of the top polluters in the world? And that one of the main culprits is your shoe’s outsole, which has traditionally been made from petroleum-based synthetic materials?

Well, I didn’t know that either. But now I do. And I’m thankful that some people who are much smarter than me at Allbirds figured out how to invent a new outsole material, derived from sugarcane. It’s called SweetFoam. And Allbirds launched it in a flip-flop we named The Sugar Zeffer, letting the new foam have the uninterrupted spotlight.

This video helped introduce SweetFoam to the world in a way that’s half educational, half entertainment (hopefully).

Directed by Josh “Bones” Murphy.
Produced by Liars & Thieves.